My abstract pieces are interpretations of what I feel , my core, my fantasies and my realities.  I mostly work in acrylics on stretched canvas and flat panels.  My abstracts represent expressionism, contemporary and non representational art.  I start first with undercoloring and in most of my pieces I introduce shapes and lines, as they facinate me, and I let my imagination take its course. I mostly favor brushes, and palette knives, but I also have used whatever unconventional items I may find around the house to use as part of my painting session.
Painting a piece is much like moving into a new place, you are not satisfied with the way things look in your new living room, so you move things aroung a couple of times until they do. Every piece is a new living room to me I rearrange my colors, my shapes , lines until I can call it "done".  Every new piece is my unsaid on canvas, and the colors are filled with words waiting to be interpreted.
Here you will find most all of my pieces up to date . You can also visit my Facebook fanpage where I post as I paint .  Just click on the link below.
You may also buy prints of my originals as well as totebags through Fine Arts America.
Just click on the link below
The reason I do what I do.
Pretty much simple, its who I am, who I have grown to be.  My purpose is to use these God given hands to splash on the Unsaid onto an empty canvas with all of who I have become and show my vulnerablilies for people to interpret them as they see . My insperation for ever and always, my neice and mini me , Grace the future artist for the world to see.
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My approach is quite mind  boggling to me, thoughts and ideas just pop into my head or I can just be walking and see something odd looking and snap a picture.  My mind tends to race alot, my art supplies and I have a direct bond sort of like a magnet, we attach to each other. I first have a staring moment with the blank canvas, "oh what will you become today" then of course I would already know the colors I would want to use. I favor my angle brush the most and the palette knife, but I use anything around the house, you can create wonders, I start out with some undercoloring and then let my inner core and mind take over, sometimes I have music, music and art always go together in my book at least. Wait, not all that simple, as life takes curves and unexecpted changes , so does my pieces,  just about in the middle of it, when I think the piece is going one way and I am almost done, the mood changes , and with the stroke of the brush or the palette knife, what you thought was the final outcome, becomes a totally new piece.  That is abstract, its free, its self, my inner core, its Abstract My Way, because its forever changing with no set patterns. I am a rule breaker.